We know who the real savage is, Pammy


*Here’s what the headline refers to.

This is Pam Geller’s hate group putting up these disgusting ads. Geller is the wingnut blogger who, through her batshit crazy blog “Atlas Shrugged”, devotes her life (and makes nice bit of cash doing so) attacking the usually-imaginary “Islamic threat.” Everything is a jihad, she attacks at fever pitch, and the louder she gets, the more money rolls into her group. (Not that she needs it, after her $4 million divorce settlement and then a $5 million insurance policy when her ex died.) She is, truly, a dreadful person. I hope passengers can exercise their own First Amendment rights by defacing these signs:


When an anti-Islamic group decided to advertise on city buses and billboards this fall with photos of a terrorist poised to behead an American and a Muslim leader smiling at Adolf Hitler, transit officials in New York and Washington, D.C., huffed their disapproval – but allowed the ads to run.

They had no choice, they said, because the ads were protected under the First Amendment.

SEPTA’s officials disagreed and rejected the ads.

But the group behind the ads – the American Freedom Defense Initiative – won’t surrender quietly. The New Hampshire-based group sued SEPTA in federal court last week, complaining that the transit agency violated AFDI’s free-speech rights.

One local First Amendment expert says SEPTA picked an unwinnable fight.

“The most fundamental principle of the First Amendment is that you may never bar any message based upon the content of the message,” said Burton Caine, a law professor at Temple University and past president of the Philadelphia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. “This is absolutely prohibited, what SEPTA is doing.

“Everybody has this same idea that they like the First Amendment,” Caine said, “but when the speech is offensive, people will make all kinds of excuses why it’s not protected. The whole point of the First Amendment is to protect speech that offends. No exceptions.”

A federal judge said as much in 2012, ruling that the AFDI could post ads in New York City and Washington, D.C., that compared Muslim jihadists to “savages.”

Here’s Pam in classic wingnut attack mode, explaining to Ron Reagan Jr. that she knows his father better than he does:

6 thoughts on “We know who the real savage is, Pammy

  1. Geller is a lunatic Zionist. She knows who the terrorists are because she’s one of them. A fascist terrorists is a fascist terrorist whether they call themselves Republicans or Zionists.

  2. That is one horrible picture of her there! I used to have the impression that she was an attractive woman. Was she always so ugly and just good at covering it with make up? Or did she totally hash up her face with cosmetic surgery. Or was there an outbreak of smallpox in Israel (or under whatever rock she lives beneath)? Did a chimpanzee bite off half her face, necessitating a face transplant from the recently deceased Joan Rivers? The raccoon eye make up reminds me of someone else with tragic looks/taste, but her fugliness has disabled that part of my brain.

  3. And is her nose collapsing? Is that one nose job too many, like Michael Jackson, or is that cocaine nose? She must have been buddies with Breitbart, so it’s not that farfetched. Hopefully she’ll have a coke heart attack or stroke like Breitbart. I know it’s mean of me, but that was pretty fucking funny when he killed himself like that, he was so angry and incoherent and sweaty those last few weeks and months. Suitable for an honorable mention at the Darwin Awards (may it RIP – the award, not the rightwing shitstain). I hope it turns out to have been CIA coke, that would be so poetic.

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