Our hands-off Congress

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Isn’t it ironic? They want to micromanage everything, but when it comes to their constitutional duties, they don’t do a damn thing:

In recent years, congressional Republicans have been almost hysterical about presidential overreach, condemning the White House for alleged abuses that leave Congress out of the policymaking process. In nearly every instance, their evidence has fallen somewhere between baseless and ridiculous.
And yet, here’s a legitimate example of Obama ignoring Congress when he shouldn’t, and those same Republicans who pretended to care about this institutional dynamic are sitting on their hands, perfectly content to ignore their constitutional responsibilities in the name of political convenience.
The United States has begun a bombing campaign in Syria, but don’t bet on Congress returning to Washington to vote on a new war authorization anytime soon.
Shortly after airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria started, some lawmakers started pushing again for an authorization vote. But so far, leaders aren’t gearing up to bring their members back to town.
Asked to explain why Congress is satisfied doing nothing, House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) office told Roll Call, “As the Speaker has said, he thinks it would be good for the country to have a new authorization for the use of military force covering our actions against ISIL, but traditionally such an authorization is requested and written by the commander-in-chief – and President Obama has not done that.”
Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) added that Obama “should seek a new congressional authorization.”
Republicans may not fully appreciate just how extraordinary this approach to governing really is.
According to leading Republicans on Capitol Hill, Congress isn’t doing anything, and that’s the president’s fault. Why? Because the executive branch hasn’t written a bill for the legislative branch. Sure, lawmakers could write a bill on their own – it’s literally what they’re paid to do – but they’re instead waiting for the president to serve as a check on his own power.

3 thoughts on “Our hands-off Congress

  1. It’s the “presidents fault” because he’s violating the Constitution by doing something. He can not declare war on Syria which he has done. Only Congress can declare war. There is no question that ISIS needs to be tamed, but bombing them unilaterally is a violation of both international and Constitutional law. That makes Obama a criminal and at fault. Progressives are outraged by the warmongers bombing campaign against ISIS because we know what comes next. Obama will pretend that he’s being dragged kicking and screaming into sending ground troops into Iraq, Syria and God knows where else in the ME by the Republicans and the Clintonite wing of the Democratic Party. Not only should the power of ISIS be dramatically diminished, but so should the power of the warmongers in this country. Every plutocrat of them.

  2. Sorry, I don’t lose sleep over bombing ISIS. I do lament the innumerable ‘collateral’ damage that unconventional war brings about. On purpose I might add. The same people who armed ISIS are now screaming to bomb them ‘back to the stone age.’ Of course those are the same people who profit by exploiting the disruption through resource blackmail and weapons manufacture. All covered by socializing the costs to us.

  3. Isn’t it odd that the same people who armed ISIS are now calling for a war against ISIS? You don’t suppose that American defense contractors and their paid lobbyists are playing both sides of the street on this do you? Bombing ISIS is everybody’s favorite sport these days. However the goals of ISIS are quite similar to the goals of Liberals. They want to get rid of the dictatorships in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the UAE and Bahrain. The problem with ISIS is that it wants to set up extremely repressive governments to replace the dictatorships. ISIS is an experiment that went badly wrong for the warmongering oligarchy and now they want it destroyed. Send the 1% over to the Middle East to fix their own stupid mistakes by fighting and dying and leave the rest of us alone.

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