Shorter Richard Cohen


If only those damned Palestinians hadn’t resisted when Israelis tried to take their land, we wouldn’t have to keep killing them!

Alex Pareene on Richard Cohen, 2013:

“I am a deeply ignorant and cloistered old man,” should be the next sentence, “and no one should pay me for my views and opinions, because they are worthless.”…

This Richard Cohen column — and perhaps all Richard Cohen columns — should be read as a memo to Jeff Bezos, the new owner of the Post. Cohen is saying, perhaps subconsciously, that he has nothing to offer the Washington Post. He adds no value. “Buy me out,” Richard Cohen begs, between the lines. “Pay me to go away and stop embarrassing this once respected newspaper.” How much will it take? I am not sure, but Jeff Bezos is a very rich man, and I think he can afford it. Indeed, if his mission is to invest in quality journalism, paying Richard Cohen to go away would be one of the quickest and simplest ways to advance that mission.

One thought on “Shorter Richard Cohen

  1. Richard Cohen is NOT a Jewish intellectual he is a Zionist intellectual. There is a B-I-G difference between the two. Most Israelis like most Americans are not Fascists. Zionists and Republicans are decidedly fascist. The Right in any country is the same as the Right in any other country. What they label themselves is of no consequence. The Zionists (fascists) in Israel call themselves the Likud Party. Here they label themselves the Republicans. Fascists by nature, speaking of Jung, are warmongers. Unfortunately for us there are far too many Democrats who buy into the Zionist-Fascist propaganda delivered by the Cohen’s and Netanyahu’s of the world. That results in unending warfare.

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