The long, long night of the lunar eclipse


I went to sleep about midnight and shortly before 2, C. woke me up. “I just got this alert on my phone. There’s a tornado warning and we’re supposed to take shelter.”

I call the front desk. She tells me there’s no alert, and I said, “Just for the sake of warning, if there is an actual alert, what are we supposed to do?” You know, since we’re up here on the 27th floor.

“I don’t know,” she said. “That’s a good question. I guess you would come down to the lobby.”

It’s hard to describe what the wind sounds like up here, even when there isn’t a storm. It’s kind of like a freight train going through the room, only worse.

I finally give in, take a half an Ativan, and finally fall asleep again. It’s a bright, shiny day here at the beach and no tornadoes. Happy lunar eclipse!

One thought on “The long, long night of the lunar eclipse

  1. A tornado at the beach? Interesting. The fourth “blood moon” will be early next year. We all know what four blood moons in a row portends, right? If we thought that 2014 was an interesting year filled with new and exciting events, just wait until 2015. Things will be moving pretty quickly after the final blood moon. They always have.

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