Missouri planning for riots

G-20 Protest Sept 24, 2009

What do they mean, “if”? Ha ha, just kidding! I meant, “when” they refuse to indict Darren Wilson:

(Reuters) – Missouri authorities are drawing up contingency plans and seeking intelligence from U.S. police departments on out-of-state agitators, fearing that fresh riots could erupt if a grand jury does not indict a white officer for killing a black teen.

The plans are being thrashed out in meetings being held two to three times a week, according to people who have attended them. The FBI said it was also involved in the discussions.

Details of the meetings and intelligence sharing by Missouri police agencies and their counterparts in other parts of the country have not been reported before.

The grand jury is expected to decide next month whether to bring criminal charges against police officer Darren Wilson, who shot dead Michael Brown, 18, on Aug. 9 in Ferguson, Missouri.

One thought on “Missouri planning for riots

  1. The percentage of white folks buying guns in and around Ferguson has increased dramatically. There’s discontent aplenty in the land. Then there’s the town of Kobani on the Syrian-Turkish border. It’s under siege. To the North is the Turkish army. To the East and West of town is ISIS. To the South and in the city are the Kurds. Turkey won’t lift a finger. The US will bomb a few trucks. So the Kurds and ISIS will fight it out to the death. If the U.S., Turkey and Assad coordinated a military response, ISIS would be finished in a week. But, they can’t do that because the American warmongers—-fascist Republicans, Zionists and the Clintonites—–won’t allow it. According to the “powers that be” (and Bill Maher) we are fighting a “world wide virus” that is infecting “certain communities” but “is not spread through the air.” The “powers” also claim that they “know where the virus is” and “how to eliminate it.” Maybe they were talking about Ebola? Or Ferguson?

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