One thought on “Another slowdown coming

  1. For the Capitalists the root of all evil is debt. As a percentage of GDP and only if it’s owed to a foreign power that is. It’s openly admitted these days by the plutocrats (politicians and bankers) that leading up to the Great Recession of 2007, our debt was too high and it was owed to the wrong people. So they had to manipulate “market forces” in order to squeeze the “excess capital” from the system. In other words “we the people” needed to practice some austerity so that the debt the 1% had created could be retired. Economists call it the “reverse Robin Hood solution.” Take from the poor and middle class to pay for the excesses of the rich so that they can keep their wealth intact. China is currently going through a similar debt crises. But the Chinese are not Capitalists so their solution is the straight up Robin Hood solution. Take from the rich and put it to work paying off the debt they (1%) ran up. Which economic system seems more fair to you?

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