Canadian Parliament on lockdown after three shootings

As is often the case with these stories, we don’t really know what happened. At the moment, it sounds like there were three separate shootings that appear to be coordinated, according to Twitter accounts. I’m sure we’ll figure out a way to amp up those terror alerts! Via CNN:

There were two soldiers standing guard at the war memorial in Ottawa, and a gunman shot one of them, a witness told CNN on Wednesday. Peter Henderson, a journalist, said other soldiers doing drills nearby ran to help the fallen soldier. Henderson said he knew the person shot was a soldier because of the ceremonial uniform the soldier was wearing.

[Previous news update, posted at 11:41 a.m. ET]There were “several shooting incidents in downtown Ottawa” on Wednesday morning, police said on Twitter. “Incidents occurred at National War Memorial, near the Rideau Centre and Parliament Hill.” All Ottawa police buildings remain on lockdown and are closed to the public, police also said on Twitter.

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