‘Get in line’

He only cares what you think if you’re a major contributor, silly!

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie practically dared a nurse to sue him for quarantining her even after she tested negative for Ebola. “Whatever. Get in line,” the brash Republican said Tuesday during a campaign stop in Rhode Island. “I’ve been sued lots of times before. Get in line. I’m happy to take it on.”

Maine nurse Kaci Hickox spent a weekend in an isolation tent at a Newark hospital after she flew back from West Africa, where she was treating Ebola victims. After she threatened to sue, she was released on Monday and driven back to her home state. A range of public-health experts have said quarantine for doctors and nurses who are not sick is unnecessary and could hurt efforts to wipe out the Ebola crisis at its source in West Africa.

Christie dismissed complaints about Hickox’s treatment as “malarkey” and said he had no concerns about the fact that she was kept in a tent.

“She was inside the hospital in a climate-controlled area with access to her cellphone, access to the Internet and takeout food from the best restaurants in Newark. She was doing just fine,” he said.

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  1. Christie is a skid mark on the tidy whities of Wall Street and nothing more. So on to something important to us all…….the GDP, the Gross Domestic Product. The largest part of the GDP is consumer purchasing (spending). Product, n. 1. A thing produced by labor. Before Clinton’s NAFTA the largest part of the GDP was production including manufacturing. It was not consumer spending. The GDP this year will come in at between $17 and $20 trillion dollars. Depending who’s counting the beans. The US owns about 25% of the world’s total wealth. What the oligarchy has succeeded in doing is (1) radicalizing the American people by continually stealing their wealth and making them poorer since the Reagan administration. (2) Radicalizing to the point of violence every Muslim in the ME and elsewhere by making war on them since the Truman administration. Enjoy that $3 dollar a gallon gas.

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