I just want to climb into a hole and cry

I was at the doctor’s office yesterday, checking Twitter. Suddenly, the whole feed lit up: No indictment in Eric Garner’s death. Cops can kill a black man on video, and still, nothing happens.

And why? He wasn’t doing anything!


They didn’t give him CPR. They let him die.

And then we have 12-year-old Tamir Rice, killed in Cleveland for playing with a toy gun.

Ohio is an open-carry state. By law, cops are supposed to confirm whether someone carrying a gun is a threat.

One thought on “I just want to climb into a hole and cry

  1. Every system in this country is broken and badly in need of a complete overhaul. Our criminal justice system. Our political system. Our economic system. Etc. Even our foreign policy is completely out of whack. Today our Congress will give the Defense Department $585 billion dollars to spend next year. While it may be true that the biggest threat to white people is ISIS, the fact is that for everybody else it’s the cops. (“War…what is it good for?”) So why don’t we take $250 billion of those defense dollars and spend them on infrastructure projects in the areas with the most poverty? We could give the unemployed jobs, raise their standard of living, and at the same time reduce crime. It would also reduce the deficit by adding taxpayers to the rolls. To say nothing of the savings created by eliminating the subsidies that the poor and jobless require to pay their rent and buy their food.

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