I don’t think I like this country much anymore

Guantanamo prisoner recounts ordeal, tortured by guards

If half the people are this fucking immoral:

Just over half of Americans say they believe the interrogation methods the CIA used against terrorism suspects in the years after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks were justified, polling data released Monday showed.

About 30% said they believed the tactics were unjustified, and the remaining 20% said they did not know, according to the survey by the Pew Research Center.

Opinion on the CIA’s torture of its prisoners differs notably by partisanship. Democrats were split, the poll found, with liberals much more likely to say that the CIA’s tactics were not justified. Republicans across the board said the interrogations were justified.

President Obama banned the CIA’s use of methods such as waterboarding, extended sleep deprivation and beatings, which had been authorized under President George W. Bush. Obama and other Democratic elected officials have referred to the CIA’s actions as “torture.”

3 thoughts on “I don’t think I like this country much anymore

  1. You gotta like how journalism’s objectivity results in the use of quotes around the word “torture” when referring to beatings and waterboarding. I guess when conservatives claim the sky is plaid, professional establishment journalists will put quotes around “blue.”

  2. The question was poorly worded, didn’t mention torture, just interrogation techniques. But even it did mention torture amerikans would probably still approve at close to the same rate.

    We’re fucking exceptional, ya know.

  3. The Taliban was created by the Pakistani military with the encouragement of the US (See Rep. Joe Wilson). The US wanted a para-military force to battle the Russians. Pakistan wanted US money and military equipment.
    Al-Qaeda and the Taliban joined forces to fight the godless Communists. The Russians quit and went home.
    Al-Qaeda then attacked the World Trade Center. The Taliban is today waging a war against a pro-American, secularist Pakistan which allows US drones to kill its children.
    Saudi Arabia (Sunni) created ISIS with the encouragement of the US. The US wanted a para-military force to take down Syria’s Assad. Saudi Arabia (and Israel) wanted to use the same ISIS force to conquer the Shiite Iraqi government and to weaken and possible defeat a Shiite Iran.
    The United States creates its own problems and then has the audacity to blame the violent backlash on its victims.
    If we are attacked at home we all need to look at ourselves in the mirror.

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