2 thoughts on “Why the poor can’t breathe

  1. No pleas. Everything goes to trial. Refuse to pay a nickel and do the time. The rotting corpse collapses.

  2. Is the system corrupt? Yes.
    Are the politicians corrupt? Yes.
    Do our leaders believe that they are the one’s in charge? Yes.
    Is that backwards thinking? Yes.
    As this piece points out it’s the people’s money which allows the entire system to function. The corrupt politicians take it either through taxation (which is a good thing as long as the system is fair to all concerned) or through extortion.
    But some people are fed up.
    The Capitalist-centric (Rightist) NPR said on air this AM that the people of Greece were so opposed to the “EU bailout” that the current government had failed. As a result of that failure “snap” elections will be held in February. It is expected that the Left will win the election in a landslide.
    NPR was lying as it usually does.
    The people of Greece have endured the EU bailout austerity that brought about 30% unemployment for 4 years now. The capitalist EU visited that austerity on the heads of the Greek people so that the oligarchy (1%) could enrich themselves at the expense of the 99%.
    Those who vote Republican (Rightist) are too dumb to understand that the gun in their ribs is being held by the likes of Mitch McConnell and John Boner.

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