Time to punish these lawbreakers

NYPD Police Patrol Cars, Columbus Circle, New York City

From the NY legal code:

Any person who, being a police commissioner or any officer or member of any police force in this state:

1. Uses or threatens or attempts to use his official power or authority, in any manner, directly or indirectly, in aid of or against any political party, organization, association or society, or to control, affect, influence, reward or punish, the political adherence, affiliation, action, expression or opinion of any citizen; or

2. Appoints, promotes, transfers, retires or punishes an officer or member of a police force, or asks for or aids in the promotion, transfer, retirement or punishment of an officer or member of a police force because of the party adherence or affiliation of such officer or member, or for or on the request, direct or indirect, of any political party, organization, association or society, or of any officer, member of a committee or representative official or otherwise of any political party, organization, association or society; or

3. Solicits, collects or receives any money for, any political fund, club, association, society or committee, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Via Montgomery County DUI Lawyer Kush Arora.

One thought on “Time to punish these lawbreakers

  1. As long as corrupt police unions are in charge of the inner workings of the police department then no cop is ever going to brought before the bar of justice.
    PBS’s Pat Lynch is as much a politician as De Blasio is. Only Lynch’s exalted position is not given to him by a vote of the general public, but by the cops alone. Lynch represents them in tone and mindset. He does not represent the people who pay his salary as an active duty cop. That would be us.
    The police unions in every city must be cleaned up and cleaned out. The police corruption at the top must end.
    Until that’s done it’ll remain them, the cops, against us, the citizens.
    Pat Lynch should be fired from the NYC police force.

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