So this happened in my little town yesterday. Glad everyone’s okay:

Three women were injured Tuesday when part of the roof of a neighboring building fell onto a Center City clothing, authorities said.

A roof parapet and adjoining bricks from a six-story building at 16th and Walnut streets fell into the Lululemon Athletica clothing store around 3:25 p.m., authorities said.

Christine Vamvalis-Haley, 60, was browsing inside the store, which specializes in workout clothing, when she heard “a huge boom.”

She turned to one of the store workers and expressed alarm at the loud noise, and “within seconds” the ceiling collapsed, she said.

At least two women were hit by light fixtures and other debris, she said.

Police said three women, all age 27, were being taken to Hahnemann University Hospital.

Vamvalis-Haley described the scene as chaotic.

“The first thing was we couldn’t breathe,” she said.

4 thoughts on “Boom

  1. Doesn’t appear to be snow related. Perhaps that will change when the next “big?” storm arrives this weekend.

  2. You know what would be useful? A group of civil engineers employed by the city, who could monitor the soundness and integrity of structures, citing unsafe condition . . . oh right, this is Amerika and David Koch needs another Senator.

  3. Wow! Just heard over the cubby wall, a co-worker’s daughter works there and helped pull three people from the rubble. Small world . . .

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