Glenn Greenwald states the obvious

'Imminent' terror attack foiled in Australia

But you should probably look over your shoulder before you agree!

We’re constantly bombarded with dire warnings about the grave threat of home-grown terrorists, “lone wolf” extremists and ISIS. So intensified are these official warnings that The New York Times earlier this monthcited anonymous U.S. intelligence officials to warn of the growing ISIS threat and announce “the prospect of a new global war on terror.”

But how serious of a threat can all of this be, at least domestically, if the FBI continually has to resort to manufacturing its own plots by trolling the Internet in search of young drifters and/or the mentally ill whom they target, recruit and then manipulate into joining? Does that not, by itself, demonstrate how over-hyped and insubstantial this “threat” actually is? Shouldn’t there be actual plots, ones that are created and fueled without the help of the FBI, that the agency should devote its massive resources to stopping?

This FBI tactic would be akin to having the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) constantly warn of the severe threat posed by drug addiction while it simultaneously uses pushers on its payroll to deliberately get people hooked on drugs so that they can arrest the addicts they’ve created and thus justify their own warnings and budgets (and that kind of threat-creation, just by the way, is not all that far off from what the other federal law enforcement agencies, like the FBI, are actually doing). As we noted the last time we wrote about this, the Justice Department is aggressively pressuring U.S. allies to employ these same entrapment tactics in order to create their own terrorists, who can then be paraded around as proof of the grave threat.

Threats that are real, and substantial, do not need to be manufactured and concocted. Indeed, as the blogger Digby, citing Juan Cole, recently showed, run-of-the-mill “lone wolf” gun violence is so much of a greater threat to Americans than “domestic terror” by every statistical metric that it’s almost impossible to overstate the disparity:

In that regard, it is not difficult to understand why “domestic terror” and “homegrown extremism” are things the FBI is desperately determined to create. But this FBI terror-plot concoction should, by itself, suffice to demonstrate how wildly exaggerated this threat actually is.

Thanks to Edward Tayter, Maryland Traffic Lawyer.

3 thoughts on “Glenn Greenwald states the obvious

  1. Auto cyber attacks or how safe is your car at any speed?
    Michael Hastings died in a violent car crash on June 18, 2013 when his car hit a tree, burst into flames and exploded.
    Is it possible to hack into a cars computer and control its acceleration from a remote location?…who-killed-michael-hastings

    Al Jazeera presented “Freeway: Crack in the System” last night at 10pm. It will be rebroadcast on Tue at 3pm and Thur at 3pm.
    The question that Al Jazeera didn’t answer is the route Danilo Blandon used to get the CIA’s cocaine into Ricky Ross’ hands in LA?
    The best evidence indicates is that it was trans-shipped from a small airport in the town of Mena, Arkansas with the knowledge of Bill Clinton.

  2. My organization just got a Terr Alert broadside late last week. The FBI had arrested three terraists for providing material support to a known terra group. Reading a little farther down one notes that their ‘material’ support consists of thinking about joining, planning to go, volunteering to do something nefarious IF someone provides them with the ability to do it. It’s really a shame that one’s first response to declarations by the US security services is, “bullshit.”

  3. Actually Ron it’s very refreshing and long overdo for the American people to call “bullshit” when our security services tell us anything.
    Maybe now we can begin to dismantle the police state.

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