Elections matter

Expanding Opportunity and Promoting Growth

Oh, here we go with the block grants again! Not that that some Democrats don’t try to chip away at Social Security and Medicare, but in general, voting for Democrats is still a reasonably good strategy for protecting the safety net:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans now in charge of Congress offer their budget blueprint this week with the pledge to balance the nation’s budget within a decade and rein in major programs such as food stamps and Medicare.

More pressing for many Republicans, however, is easing automatic budget cuts set to slam the military. The chairmen of the House and Senate Budget panels plan to release their budget plans this week – the House on Tuesday and the Senate on Wednesday. The nonbinding measure called a budget resolution sets broad parameters on taxes and spending; it requires follow-up legislation later this year to implement its balanced-budget goals, and Republicans are unlikely to take on that task as long as President Barack Obama occupies the Oval Office.

House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price, R-Ga., and Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., plan to produce blueprints that would balance the budget within 10 years – without raising taxes.

Instead, they will propose major spending cuts to programs such as Medicare, health care subsidies, food stamps and the Medicaid program for the poor and elderly to produce a budget that’s balanced. Such cuts, if actually implemented later, would likely slash spending by $5 trillion or so over the coming decade from budgets that are presently on track to spend almost $50 trillion over that timeframe.

Oh, and their budget also includes plans to sell off the national forests.

3 thoughts on “Elections matter

  1. A common thread to posts today is the absolute stupidity, lack of morals, and jaded criminality that permeates the Republican Party in the st Century. One thing they’ve got down pat is playing to their moronic, hate-filled base. Maybe if dems could remember that they have a base, they could generate some interest in voting for their incompetent asses.

  2. Ron, them Dems know who their base is, they just hate them. They are rich and white and successful, and it’s like you are asking them to sit at the jr high school lunch table with the sissies and minorities and nerd outcasts, and to actually be proud of that. So they try to appeal to the moronic hate filled voters, because it’s not about winning as much as it is about winning on your own stupid-ass terms.

  3. What’s that round red and gold thing on Ryan’s lapel?
    It looks suspiciously like a Chairman Mao pin.

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