Gee, I wonder why so many people are working so hard to make Hillary Clinton seem unlikeable:

Research commissioned by the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, which seeks to advance the electoral prospects of female candidates, has found that a double bind still exists. While male politicians can attract voters’ support by appearing strong and decisive, even when they are not perceived as being particularly likeable, women still have to prove to the world they are both qualified for office and likeable.

“Voters are perfectly willing to vote for a male executive they think is qualified but do not like. However, they will not vote for a woman they find unlikeable even if she is qualified,” the researchers concluded.

This is very frustrating for women activists, because male progressives insist this “just isn’t true” — right after they list all the personal attributes they dislike so much about her.

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  1. Exactly. This, a thousand times. Hillary exudes competence and, what’s more, she’s SHOWN it time after time after time.

    But oh she’s old, she doesn’t exercise /*code: overweight*/, her hair is a mess, she deleted way fewer emails than Cheney plus hers weren’t important but HEY SHE DELETED THEM (or something), she wears trousers how unflattering, she wears skirts just like a woman, she laughs, she’s a bitch, she once twenty years ago voted for something that wasn’t progressive regressive or transgressive. Etc etc etc etc etc etc.

    If it wasn’t a total waste of energy, I’d scream.

  2. I guess I don’t hang out with enough male progressives, or at least the straight ones, being a gay male *liberal* (but a mean, bitchy one who won’t sing kumbaya). It’s depressing how many gay men are OK with Obama (even though he has had to be brought along reluctantly on gay issues, remember is disgraceful phone calls on Prop 8 that were supposedly against prop 8 but mostly sounded like they were against gay marriage). So I don’t get along too well with most of my fellow gays politically. But I have never heard any of them dissing Hillary (like I do, but I at least supported her over the worse candidate, Obama).
    What surprises me is how much conservative and middle of the road women diss Hillary, and basically any female considered feminist (with their hairy legs and armpits and patchouli). “I’m not a conservative, but I’m sure not a *liberal*” (in a tone that indicates liberals are much worse) is what I have heard one of my sisters say. Substitute the word feminist for liberal, and I have heard that a million times from women. Every time I hear that, I think “I can certainly understand why this stupid (&~+ shouldn’t be paid equal to a man” (same goes for men who dis the right to unionize). It is just inexplicable to me why women as a whole, with 51% of the vote (and 60% of the college students in a lot of places) mostly just lie down and take it. They won’t stand up for their rights until mean spirited misogynist conservative men tell them it’s OK to and that they won’t be considered bitches if they do. Like that’s gonna happen.

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