Big Chicken

Chris Christie is attempting to make a poltical comeback and restore his 2016 prospects with a visit to New Hampshire this weekend. Christie has endured a tough Winter with his favorablility rating among Republicans at a miniscule 31%. He has also been at

Charles Pierce on Chris Christie’s new proposal to slash Social Security and Medicare:

The really hilarious part is that Christie is pitching his personal form of granny-starving as a boon to younger Americans, because what is a more obvious solution to the problem of unemployed American youth than to propose a policy that guarantees that American workers will stay on the job until they are nearly 70, and that only works if you assume that every human-resources department in the country will be raptured off to cost-cutting heaven and not notice the line of septuagenarians working on the factory floor? Bold! Again! There is something entirely sick about the desire among our political elites to make the lives of the poor and elderly worse so as to demonstrate how important and serious those elites are. There is a consensus here that exists some place outside the world in which most people live.

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  1. Campaign positions that enhance Rethug nomination chances, but guarantee electoral defeat.

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