Competing with Susie Craftsalot ….

We all know one. The teacher, the mommy, the relative that have a flair for crafting with all the glitter, bows, gift bags, and sweet cards.

I am not one of those people. In fact, I think the glitter is the WMD of the crafting world; that stuff gets everywhere and is nearly impossible to clean up. And for every occasion, there is that Susie Craftsalot that makes the goodie bag perfect and other mommies just can’t keep up….

I got home after midnight from a business trip last night. That’s probably why I didn’t notice it until the morning. This bag. Alone. On the kitchen table.

Normally, getting my kids to the breakfast table is like trying to coax a couple of cats into a swimming pool. As soon as they wake up, they hide under blankets on the couch and make strange noises. But this morning was a different story.

Audrey came out of the bedroom, wiped the sleep from her eyes, and went right to the table. She sat in front of the bag with a smile on her face.

“What’s the bag for?” I asked as I created my super-duper breakfast parfaits. Colorful layers of yogurt, fruit, and cereal.

“We got it for our end-of-year party yesterday.” She reached into the bag.

“What did you get?”

She started pulling out different items and commenting.

“Goldfish crackers… Some cookies… ooooooh! Gummy worms! And a mustache!”


The morning went on as usual, with me reminding the kids to brush their teeth, make their beds, and get a summer job. (Note: “I’m only seven” is not an excuse.) We finally made it out the door and walked to school as a family unit.

When Gabby and I got back home, I tidied up the breakfast mess before getting to work. When I reached down to pick up all of the things that Audrey had removed from her bag, I did a double-take.

moms all goodies

Every single item was accessorized. Little notes. Ribbons. Sayings. Like a professional stylist had just prepped them for the red carpet at some weird awards ceremony for pre-packaged snacks.

Follow me on this one. I truly appreciate that people have taken so much time to make sure my child felt important yesterday. Craftiness is a gift. One I do not possess. I am awestruck by the flawless execution of cuteness on these snacks. And I realize the inherent hypocrisy of my statement, since I am guilty of adding a bit of “flair” to the breakfast parfaits from time-to-time.

But for some of you, it’s exhausting, right?…

Enjoy the rest here.

2 thoughts on “Competing with Susie Craftsalot ….

  1. I really feel like I have been attacked by this article by a man say he is a Christian! I am a teacher and a Mom and I love being a crafty lady! My husband even helps packing treat bags for my class! I love doing it and as a teacher for 30 yeas in Preschool let me tell this guy, the children LOVE it!!! They even ask to take home theme napkins! I did the crafty things for my 2 sons and now our grandson as well as my own students! Some people just enjoy doing it thsee cute things! But as a teacher, some of my parents do these cute Pinterest ideas and then some do nothing! Either way I don’t care. But you’re wrong about children not liking it!!! I also try and do some older things for sons track team and the older children love it so much!! But you should feel guilty complain about what other people like to do. I don’t care if I have some parents do and some who don’t vy

  2. Nana, I’d reread the article. He didn’t say everyone should stop crafting for children’s amusement and delight, he asked that everyone stop craft competing. I think he was saying parents feel like they’re being forced to participate in something that doesn’t mean as much to the children as it does to the parents/grandparents. Honestly, I looked at that bag of goodies and wondered if a sticker/sign/googly eyes on everything was necessary. Does encouraging meaningless competition between parents teach a positive message to children?

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