Was Invading Iraq the Right Thing to Do?

Here’s a graphic of the results of a new Quinnipiac poll ….



Jay Bookman at the AJC…

It’s not a surprise that Republicans remain more supportive than most Americans of a war initiated and led by a Republican administration. But the scale of the divergence between Republicans and their fellow Americans is pretty stunning. To this day, and by more than a two-to-one ratio, Republicans still believe that the war was a good idea.

Or at least they say they believe that. Given the blowback from the war, I have to think that some of those 62 percent are acting out of sheer cussedness in refusing to admit the mistake to a pollster. But Republican pollsters are probably producing similar numbers in their own internal surveys, which helps to explain the awkward straddling act by their candidates. It tells you a lot about what the GOP base will be demanding from a potential nominee.

And that is not good news for Rand Paul.

In my unscientific polling around social media, many of my Right of Center friends in the sea of Red I live in prefer really not to discuss this particular topic much. If they do, there is some kind of twisted logic that it was all Hillary’s fault… or something.




3 thoughts on “Was Invading Iraq the Right Thing to Do?

  1. What if Iran decided to invade Mexico, remove it’s leadership, disband its army and then install a pro-Iranian government? How would we the people feel about that?
    How do you suppose Iran felt when its sworn enemy, us, took it upon itself to remove the dictator Saddam, disband his Baathist army and then put itself in charge of the country?
    Maybe a tad freaked out?
    Sure Iran hated Saddam, but they knew they could deal with him militarily. (With an atomic bomb if necessary. After all Israel had 500 atom bombs.) But dealing with the USA militarily was an entirely different circumstance. Exit Bush the Idiot.
    Now comes Obama with his change you can believe in.
    Then horror of horrors he backs a CIA led Sunni uprising to force a good friend of Iran’s out of power. Assad the Alawite in Syria. How do you suppose Iran felt about that and Obama?
    The same way the US would feel if Iran deposed the government in Mexico and installed a pro-Iranian regime. We would burn down Latin America.
    So it should come as no surprise to anyone that Iran is helping to burn down the Middle East. (With the help of Saudi Arabia.)
    Can anyone really blame them? (The whole Sunni vs. Shiite war.)
    Not only is Bush a war criminal, but so is anyone connected to his administration who assisted him in his warmongering. That would include Hillary.
    Not only is Obama a war criminal, but so is anyone connected to his administration who assisted him in his warmongering. Again, that would include Hillary.
    Was invading Iraq a mistake?
    Only for the 99%.
    Thus far the 1% has grown very rich and escaped prosecution for their criminal activity. So, for them, it’s been quite a good deal.

  2. The freaking problem is many Americans do not Sunni vs Shia. if one does not know that, I don’t talk further with them.

  3. In that case your conversations on the topic must be few and far between.
    And anyone with the proper ID can vote.
    Whoopie we’re all gonna die.

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