It’s a brand new Grand Old Party flag!

Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker at Northeast Republican Leadership Conference in Philadelphia PA June 2015 by Michael Vadon

The flag comes down, and we’ve all had our national moment of healing and we can all go on, right? Republican presidential candidates are supporting South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s call for the removal of the Confederate flag on the state capitol grounds following last week’s church shooting in Charleston. “Kudos to @nikkihaley and all the…

3 thoughts on “It’s a brand new Grand Old Party flag!

  1. The flag will be back, sooner or later.
    It is a fundamental element of Republicanism.
    Mississippi is holding a referendum on this question, and I bet that its public display will remain leqal.
    The governor has refused to take a position on the issue.

  2. In 1954 when the Supreme Court ruled that segregated schools were illegal according to the Constitution, schools were desegregated, briefly. But, de facto segregation continues to this day. Throughout the country NO LAWS OR THE REMOVAL OF A FUCKING FLAG will change the hearts of the racist, white supremacist who want THEIR country back from the niggers and the spics. Let’s stop dancing around the the truth and deal with the elephants!

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