Watch: 7-year-old makes Scott Walker crash and burn with 2 questions

This is really good:

When second grader Aaron Stark went up to ask Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker a question in this newly released video, the Governor had no idea that he was about to be made to look like an absolute fool by the young, but very astute man:

“If you were president, what would you do about climate change?”, the young man asked the Republican governor.

Trying to keep his composure, Scott Walker evaded the simple question, giving the boy an unintelligible answer about being a Boy Scout and keeping campsites clean, but the brave young man pressed on:

“Do you even care about climate change?”

At this point, the governor continued to crash and burn, giving a second unintelligible answer about securing natural resources for everyone, completely evading the boy’s question and exposing himself as the intellectual lightweight and political fraud that he is.

It’s truly sad that when a young Wisconsinite tried to ask his governor about saving his future and that of other young kids, the governor couldn’t even answer his question.

3 thoughts on “Watch: 7-year-old makes Scott Walker crash and burn with 2 questions

  1. Wow, Scotty has a huge bald spot on the top/back of his head.
    Never saw that before.
    He shouldn’t bend over to talk to 7-year-old kids.

  2. That’s not a bald spot, it’s vestigial scarring left after the Tea Party mandated cranioutome.

  3. That bald spot’s nothing. It’s the gaping black abyss that is his soul that bothers me.

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