OK Court: Ten commandments monument must go

Design Toscano DB43010 Ten Commandments Statue

I wonder if this is one of the statues provided by Jack Warner to promote his movie “The Ten Commandments”?

The Oklahoma Supreme Court says the state must remove a Ten Commandments monument from the Capitol. Oklahoma’s Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the state must remove a Ten Commandments monument from its Capitol, after rejecting an appeal to reconsider an earlier decision on the matter. The state’s Supreme Court previously ruled on June 30th that…

4 thoughts on “OK Court: Ten commandments monument must go

  1. Besides the astonishingly life-like styrofoam tablets, the first picture includes palm trees and a large, deep-blue water body. Is that supposed to be an artist’s conception of downtown Oklahoma City after 20 degrees of temperature gain and eleven hundred feet of sea-level rise?

    If so, count me in.

  2. Are the Ten Commandments really real? I can buy that somehow God laid out these Laws for humans to live by. I mean they actually make common sense: ya’ know, don’t go out killin’ folks, and fuckin’ your neighbor’s old lady, and don’t go thinking there’s more than ONE GOD, and you know, don’t be fuckin and suckin someone who ani’t your old lady. But, honestly, I just have a hard time thinking that a real God, knowing what HIS creations might be subject to, being humans that he created……………………………………well, y’ll know the rest! How can any of us get through this life without being sinful?

  3. I would be more than happy to remove it, and any who get in my way.
    Uhm, Dandy, it doesn’t say anything about fucking your neighbor’s wife. Say’s don’t covet his cow, but it’s ok to fuck his wife.

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