Larry Wilkerson: If you want ground forces to attack ISIS, let’s have a draft

It’s truly appalling to see how this nation swings over the span of 6 years from being war-weary to having a bloodlust for more of it. I’m sure Roger Ailes is patting himself on the back for his contribution to the war effort. A recent Fox “News” poll showed that 65 percent supported military action to…

5 thoughts on “Larry Wilkerson: If you want ground forces to attack ISIS, let’s have a draft

  1. Not just reinstate the draft, but that those who favor war should be the ones who are drafted. Now that is an idea I could get behind.

  2. I have always maintained since the end of the draft that all congressional leaders and the President/Vice President are allowed to thump their chests and urge war but at each public statement (spoken or written) they must introduce their family member serving in the front lines (no JAG lawyer or “officer” leading from the rear). The family member serving must be a son or daughter, nephew or niece no third cousin twice removed on my great-great uncle’s side of the family.

  3. I was drafted once. Did 21 months and one day. Ended up not dead.

    Would not care to do it again…

  4. Believe me, I don’t see a soul in the current crop of potential presidents who wouldn’t follow the neo-con philosophy EXCEPT Bernie. All the rest of both fields of warheads, including Clinton, will take this country down the slippery slope of never-ending war………………..ya’ know, there’s ALWAYS going to be a boogie man out there that needs to be stopped—and a defense industry that thrives on war and money!

  5. Another positive side effect of a draft would be it would ensure young voters show up at the polls.

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