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I’m glad some of you are enjoying the new music, I do try to find stuff that builds on the historical feel of the oldies we love. I’m thrilled to hear that I’ve turned you on to new artists. I can’t ask for more than that!

Glad to be here in the sanity zone. The comments section at work has been blowing up — apparently I’m supposed to be fine with being called a bitch, a fascist and (worst of all) a DLC Dem-in-name only! I’ve already had a migraine this morning, and I’m sipping passion flower tea (aka “herbal Prozac”) because of the stress.

It’s really easy for me to ignore comments until I see errors of fact. That’s my Achilles heel.

On a big blog like my employer’s, it seems almost like blogger malpractice to let people pass on erroneous information to so many other readers. (And of course, these days, most of the erroneous information involves Hillary Clinton — which only makes things worse.) Last week, I saw a bunch of old white guys, Sanders supporters, piling on two black commenters who supported Black Lives Matter, and it was pretty ugly. It’s always weird to see white “progressives” explain to black people the right way to protest — let alone label them as “racist” because they haven’t accepted Bernie as their savior.

It’s not a war, guys. Don’t take it personally if I don’t agree with you. It’s primary madness, we’ve seen it before. Hopefully we’ll make it to the convention without killing each other.

One thought on “Thanks for the feedback

  1. I noticed all that over at the other place. Just . . . wow. So much for the discussion is being on ‘issues’ not fantasy lingo. I think Bernie’s got the right of it, but BLM’s protests are valid WHEREVER and WHENEVER they’re held. The increasing number of our brothers and sisters being murdered for insanely casual reasons followed by insultingly slipshod investigation is insufferable and should be screamed in America’s face at every opportunity and fuck that ‘apology’ noise.

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