Joe Biden


Dear sweet Jesus, I can’t believe this guy wants to run for president — again. His last campaign fell apart for lack of interest, he’s famous for grabbing females, and he’s always been deep in bed with the banks.

A couple of years ago, I read a book called “The Payoff: Why Wall Street Always Wins”, written by one of his ex-staffers, and came away even less impressed.

He’s a Democrat who’s mostly been a reliable vote and he was good in the vice-presidential debates. But president? There were jokes in the Beltway that Biden was Obama’s insurance policy against being assassinated.

6 thoughts on “Joe Biden

  1. With the elephant around Hillary’s, hell, I could probably run and do better. The thugs won’t let her win and I’d be real surprised if she even stayed in. Biden will have broad center- left support and doesn’t have the baggage to boot!

  2. …and a meeting with Elizabeth Warren prior to announcing his run may be prophetic. If he goes for it, he’ll get her endorsement and Hillary may drop even further in the polls. Remember, Biden wrote the bill while in the Senate that supported battered women. Trump’s ex says he molested her while they were married, so Hill’s support from females may dwindle even more! Go Biden. (This is gonna be a big fucking deal.)

  3. Well, he’s still light-years better than at least 16 of the 17 GOP clown-car contenders. And he seems to be a decent human being, unlike most of that bunch.

    Obviously, being in bed with the banks is not good, but it seems to be par for the course for major politicians other than Warren, Sanders, and Alan Grayson, and maybe Franken.

  4. ” Dear Sweet Jesus, the guy wants to run for prez again”. WTF, Susie, did I miss Hillary’s run in 08, which BTW, she got her ass kicked? Or, let’s see, how many times did St. Ronnie get the boot? Or, did the biggest crook in politics—ever—Tricky Dickey run twice and quit the office the 2nd time around? Are you revising history, or need I go back before we were born to check how many times different assholes ran for the top job before being elected, or just saying fuck it?

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