How Bernie Sanders would deal with Congress

Sen. Bernie Sanders was asked about the latest poll numbers in Iowa, showing him closing to within 7 points of Hillary Clinton, and to give specifics on what specific policy differences there are between himself and the former Secretary of State by CNN’s Jake Tapper this Sunday: SANDERS: I think that the business model of Wall…

2 thoughts on “How Bernie Sanders would deal with Congress

  1. I think that is exactly right. Obama had a lot of momentum, particularly after the first election, and he and we let it slip away.

  2. Bernie is right on target. Obama had the momentum, as Foraker says. But, when one of the first things you do as president is go have dinner with some of the most conservative writers in the country, well that ought to have been a huge clue that either the new president was naïve, stupid, or just didn’t understand the limits of his authority. There was never going to be honest negotiations from the other side and McConnell said as much. I mean he publicly came out saying what his party was going to do to get Obama out of office as quickly as possible. Obama eventually had to play ball with The Street, even the NRA has him by the balls. His “legacy” is that he wanted to keep on living!

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