Army of God cheers Planned Parenthood killer

The anti-abortion group “Army of God” believes Planned Parenthood got what it deserved. Nevermind that innocent people were killed. Virginia-based anti-abortion activist Donald Spitz, who runs the “Army of God” website, similarly stated after Dr. George Tiller was murdered that the he “reaped what he sowed” and hosts a page celebrating those who have been convicted…

4 thoughts on “Army of God cheers Planned Parenthood killer

  1. Of course, when all this inevitably comes back to bite them on their rotund asses it’ll be all ‘oh poor pitiful me’ I’m a persecuted victim.

    Would that they were. Persecuted.

  2. Wasn’t army of God a group that had a very gay dance music hit in the nineties? Are they the same group, or were they just too clueless to look on YouTube first?

  3. Never mind, it was army of lovers and the song was crucified..
    Still, I think they should have foreseen this kind of confusion when they picked that queer name for their outfit

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