Israel confirms plan to steal West Bank land

Israel’s Defense Ministry has confirmed that the country is on the verge of seizing large swathes of fertile land in the occupied West Bank, a move that will likely exacerbate its already cooling relationship with Western allies, Reuters reports. COGAT, a unit of Israel’s Defense Ministry, told Reuters in an email that “the lands are in…

2 thoughts on “Israel confirms plan to steal West Bank land

  1. Why does anyone still hold out hope for a two-state solution?
    It has been obvious for years that Israel never wanted nor will it ever accept a Palestinian state.
    Let’s stop deluding ourselves and demand that the occupied Palestinians be granted full Israeli citizenship with the right to vote and become a part of a Greater Israel.

  2. Why does anyone hold out hope that the US Powers That Be will ever treat the Palestinians with any respect and actual fairness?

    And why can’t the Israeli leaders be gathered up and sent to The Hague?

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