Darwin’s law

These stories are painful to read. (h/t Ron):

CONCRETE, Wash. (AP) — A 43-year-old man has died after authorities say he accidentally shot himself in the face while taking selfies.

The Skagit Valley Herald reports (http://goo.gl/jJZQVw ) the man and his girlfriend were photographing themselves with the weapon on Sunday at a residence when he shot himself.

Skagit County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Chief Chad Clark says the woman reported that she and the man had taken photos with the gun several times that day and that the man had loaded and unloaded bullets multiple times.

6 thoughts on “Darwin’s law

  1. It’s not against the law for stupid people to own guns.
    In fact a very good case could be made that 75% of the people who own guns are stupid.
    Do you suppose that the family of this fool will now sue the gun dealer who sold him the gun? Or the manufacturer who made that gun?
    Hillary would like to see that happen. Bernie would not.
    Hillary would like to see congress pass a bill that would allow dealers and manufacturers to be sued for the simple act of manufacturing and selling a legal firearm to some idiot who does something foolish. Like taking a selfie with a loaded gun and blowing his or her brains out.

  2. Jeebus Imho, get a grip! I support Bernie and Hillary has this one right (and Bernie wimped). The issue is whether Congress has any reason to preempt standard products liability law nationally to create an immunity for gun manufacturers. Bozo’s heirs lose no matter what. There are lots of foreseeable misuse cases that should be brought against the gun industry where innocents have been maimed or killed.

  3. How, exactly would the standard liability law work for guns?
    For example, if a person, any person buys a gun and then a week later blows away 50 people sitting in a restaurant should either the gun dealer or the gun manufacturer be sued? I think not.
    In today’s world if a gun dealer of a gun manufacturer ‘knowingly’ sells a gun to a felon or a person already deemed ineligible for mental reasons they will be prosecuted.
    If found guilty they can be sued for wrongful death or intentional infliction of injury.
    Hillary’s bill would put every gun manufacturer and dealer out of business within 30 days.
    That’s unconstitutional.
    We all might like it to happen, me included, but it is flat wrong on constitutional grounds.

  4. Nonsense. The bill that Bernie voted on grants absolute immunity to gun manufacturers. That’s an immunity shared by no other product producer. So a gun manufacturer produces an assault weapon capable of 1000 rounds without reloading. A gun manufacturer produces a weapon capable of firing a bullet 15 miles. They are categorically immune. Hillary’s bill restores standard law. Guns were produced before immunity without much fear of repercussions. They will be produced after. Hillary proposes restoring what Bernie took away. She’s right. I like that gun dealers could face civil accountability. Liability is still required.

  5. Guns are like no other product produced.
    They have one purpose and one purpose only.
    That puts them into a special class.

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