5 thoughts on “Why don’t people like Hillary?

  1. The worst drought in the Middle East in 900 years ended in 2012 (1998-2012).
    The drought hit Syria particularly hard.
    Its agricultural sector collapsed forcing 1.5 million farmers to migrate to the cities. That migration put a sever strain on the resources of said cities and there was some unrest.
    “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste,” Rahm Emanuel said.
    The Syrian Civil War began 5 years ago (2010) at the height of Syria’s drought “troubles.”
    The civil war was helped along by Hillary’s State Department and the CIA.
    That’s just one reason to mistrust, and perhaps, dislike Hillary.

  2. This guy, in the video? He’s talking about things from the 70s thru the early 00s? Then he cherry picks a couple of things that he thinks is the entire reason people do not like or trust Hillary for? Then he accuses millions of people as being brainwashed drones? They don’t trust her because they are constantly “told” she is not to be trusted? Shame on you for posting this stupid man saying this stupid stuff.

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