Another terror attack

What a crazy world we live in. Eye for an eye, etc.:

BRUSSELS — Apparently coordinated terrorist explosions rocked Brussels’ airport and a metro station Tuesday, leaving at least 26 dead and raising fears that attackers carried out retaliatory strikes after the arrest of a key suspect in last year’s Paris massacres.

The full casualty count remained unclear hours after the attacks, but various Belgian reports and officials said it reached at least 26.

“We are talking about scores of dead,” said Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel without giving clearer estimates after blast strong enough to bring down the roof panels at the airport departure hall and leave the metro platform shrouded in smoke and littered with debris.

Belgian’s prosecutor’s office described at least one of the airport blasts as part of a suicide attack — the latest apparent terrorist bloodshed to hit Europe and another sign that militant networks remain able to strike despite widespread crackdowns and probes across the continent.