Clinton and education reform

Teacher Ken at Daily Kos with a critical look at Clinton’s education positions:

Let me clear. I know Hillary Clinton is a very caring person. I believe her intentions about education are good, but more than a little misguided.

But that has been far too true of too many in the political world, who really do not understand education, and too often listen to people from business rather than to people who actually deal with education.

One of the people who is a strong supporter of Mrs. Clinton is Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, who is also a close personal friend of mine. As Governor of Iowa he made sure there were NO graduation tests in Iowa public high schools. He was influenced in part by his wife, who before she became the state’s first lady was herself a teacher.

In the very first face to face conversation I had with Tom, I reminded him that a then-recent National Governors Association Meeting on education, each governor had brought a business man. He acknowledged that. I asked why each had not brought a teacher, or even a principal. He was surprised, but admitted he had never considered that.

I hope that when she becomes President, as I believe she will, Hillary Clinton will make sure that she includes the voices of teachers in (a) who she picks for Secretary of Education, (b) how her administration shapes it educational policy.

I know from others how good a listener Hillary Clinton can be.

I hope very much that she will apply that skill set and listen to different voices on education, because what I read in this interview with the editorial board was disappointing.

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  1. Why is it not possible to have free tuition at all college level educational institutions?
    Shouldn’t grades K-16 be free of charge?
    For every dollar we invest in tuition for grades 13-16 we get back $5.00 per year in taxes.
    That seems to make economic sense.

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