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There’s a recall petition to kick Grover Norquist off the board of the NRA. Oh, my splitting sides:

As the National Rifle Association decides the fate of board member Grover Norquist, who is under a recall petition, a video has emerged of Norquist at a Muslim event that confirms fears the paid lobbyist is using his influence to open doors for radical Muslims on Capitol Hill.

This week, the NRA is tabulating the results of a special ballot cast in the gun-rights group’s first-ever recall of a sitting board member for ethics charges. Long-time members voted on a petition to remove Norquist from the NRA board over accusations he is an agent for the radical Muslim Brotherhood and has for decades aided and abetted its leaders, including one now imprisoned on terrorism charges.

In the video shot at a Detroit event with leaders of terrorist-supporting Muslim Brotherhood front groups, a teary-eyed Norquist is seen telling a story about how he convinced a sitting U.S. senator to reach out to “Muslims leaders.”

4 thoughts on “Ha ha

  1. Well we know his contacts with Muslims is not from his empathetic nature. To conservatives, money’s money . . . and fuck America.

  2. That sounded like I have some beef with outreach to Muslim organizations, sorry. The jist is, Norquist is a guy who’s sell out anybody or anything for pocket change.

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