Oops! One Of Two Copies Of The CIA Torture Report ‘Accidentally Destroyed’

This really is shocking and not just in a sarcastic way. According to Yahoo! News, one of the two remaining copies of the Senate CIA torture report has been “accidentally” destroyed. The CIA inspector general’s office – the spy agency’s internal watchdog – has acknowledged it “mistakenly” destroyed its only copy of a mammoth Senate torture…

3 thoughts on “Oops! One Of Two Copies Of The CIA Torture Report ‘Accidentally Destroyed’

  1. The CIA should have been broken into a million pieces after the Bay of Pigs invasion just like JFK said it should.
    The CIA likes to repeat ad nauseam that the American people only know about it’s failures, but knows nothing about it’s successes.
    The CIA has been around for seventy years.
    Surely there are one or two successes that the CIA could talk about that wouldn’t give away state secrets?
    But they won’t let us in on a single one.
    Could that be because there actually are none that benefited we the people?
    Perhaps all of the CIA’s successes benefited only the 1%.
    There’s that profit motive again.

  2. Shades of Rosemary Woods.
    Why were there only two copies in the first place?
    Who’s running this country anyway?

  3. And what makes you think that all “copies” are identical behind a classification wall?

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