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What brave progressives:

Irate Berne Sanders supporters did not just leave threatening voicemails and texts for state Democratic Party Chairwoman Roberta Lange but also launched an assault on the businesses she oversees, the owner says.

Tom Gallagher, the former Caesars CEO and congressional candidate, said that his son’s tavern, the Porchlight Grille, began receiving threats shortly after the convention ended in chaos Saturday. Lange is the day operations manager there.

“Beginning about 3am on Sunday morning our bartenders at Porchlight Grille began getting non-stop phone threats from Bernie partisans,” Gallagher told me via email. “The level of threats including death threats and vitriol was astonishing. One of our bartenders was actually a Bernie supporter and was stunned at the threats he was hearing on the phone. He began to respond telling people that he was just trying to do his job and pay off his student loans and their tactics were harming his livelihood. It made no difference to the callers. Their goal was to harass and as became clear….to shut down the business and Roberta’s job with it.”

Gallagher said the calls continued during the day Sunday until the eatery disconnected the phone.

“At one point on Sunday before we unplugged the phones, I took a turn at answering and experienced such a nasty call that a Metro officer who happened to be in the tavern as a customer picked up the call and attempted to encourage the woman to stop, explaining that what she was doing was unlawful harassment,” Gallagher told me. “It made no difference. She actually responded that it was her right of free speech.”

And then the social media assault commenced.

From Gallagher: “The Porchlight website and Facebook page were similarly attacked with threats, including by someone who set up a fake ‘Roberta Lange’ ID on Facebook and then posted on the Porchlight Facebook page incredibly slanderous attacks against both Roberta and her husband Ken, including a post by the so-called ‘Roberta Lange’ that accused her husband Ken of crimes against children!”

Also, a Nevada delegate gives his version of events.

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  1. Nobody should condone violence, so where was all the outrage on the part of Wasserman-Schultz when Bernie’s Las Vegas campaign headquarters was shot up in February?
    Harry Reid stole the 1st caucus from Bernie in February.
    So what did the Democratic establishment think was going to happen when they stole the 2nd caucus away from him last Saturday?
    If Hillary and her supporters are entertaining the idea that Bernie’s supporters are going to go quietly into that good night then they are dreaming.
    Bernie’s is an insurgent campaign whose stated goal is to foment a “political revolution.”
    What do Democratic elites believe that that means?
    That Bernie’s army is going to sit around a campfire with Hillary and her cadre of pompous plutocrats and sing Kumbaya?

  2. “Shot up”? There was a hole in the window. Cops never found a bullet.

    As to the rest of what you said, it’s your usual ill-informed ranting.

  3. I don’t want to go as far as Imhotep, but whenever DWS is involved, ima gonna stay sceptical.
    Bernie has denounced the violence, and I’m starting to lose my fandom for krugman and others for blaming this on him directly.
    The reason these idiots have gone paranoid and violent is a generation of betrayal of the trust buy the clintons and Obama and DWS et al. Of course sanders has tapped into that to get as far as he has, but he didn’t create it. This I’d the frustration that brought out occupy Wall Street, and as soon as team Obama neutralized that they went back to neoliberal bid news as usual.
    if Hillary wants to continue with business as usual and put bill in charge of more shitastic trade deals, the next election could be even more explosive. Assuming we don’t get a president for life named trump.

  4. Hey, some of us can reparse the autocorrect with nonautocorrect-of-autocorrect. 🙂

    It’s not the words that are the problem, it’s the conclusions.

    1) People are frustrated at the inequality of, well, just about everything. Absolutely justified.

    2) Magic asterisks.

    3) The frustration is so bad it justifies doxxing, harassment, and godknowswhatallelse. No. It does not. Especially not when it’s not aimed at the primary culprits WHO IS NOT HRCLINTON. Look at her goddamn record. She’s one of the least bought-and-paid-for politicians out there. Even Bernie, with that NRA stain on his record, comes out worse than she does.

    What people really complain about when they attack HRClinton for being a tool is that the world has gone down a shithole. Yes, it has. No, it’s not her doing.

    She’s spent a good part of her life trying to *push back against the shit*.

    Dumping on her for the sorry state of just about everything is totally missing the target.

    Whereas Trump, now, while he personally wasn’t in government, is definitely smack in the middle of the deepest part of the cesspool.

  5. Well, cutting through all the Sturm und Drang…

    By the numbers….
    Nevada County Convention Results in April:
    2,124 for Sanders…
    1,722 for Clinton…

    On Saturday at the State Convention, after all of the alternates were seated, Hillary Clinton filled 1,695 of her delegate slots and Bernie Sanders only filled 1,662 at the State Convention — giving Clinton a 33-delegate margin of victory.
    Clinton only had 27 delegate positions vacant on Saturday. Sanders left 462 vacant. Clinton filled 98 percent of her available delegate slots at the State Convention, and Sanders only filled 78 percent of his available delegate slots. In other words, the Sanders delegates simply didn’t show up.
    The party refused to credential 64 of the Sanders’ delegates. Clinton had 8 that were not credentialed. Of the 64 disputed on the Sanders’ side, 8 were disqualified, 6 were seated, and the remaining 50 just didn’t show up.

    Like voting, if one is going to have a revolution, one might show up to the event. Sanders could have won this tier of the Nevada caucuses handily if his team had gotten their delegates to 1) fill out the necessary paperwork on time and in order and 2) show up.

  6. “She’s one of the least bought-and-paid-for politicians out there. Even Bernie, with that NRA stain on his record, comes out worse than she does.”

    That’s some primo BS right there. Keep tilting at windmills quixote.

  7. Don’t agree with the tactics, but sure understand the frustration that drove the strategy. Progressives are portrayed as either under-performing pussies who only talk or crazed revolutionaries out to plunder the universe. The party finally, after 50 years, fields a candidate who generates enthusiasm and passion for the Party’s own stated ideals, and then does everything to cut his candidacy off at the knees. The party line Dems are showing themselves to be identical to party line Republicans. The usual political Kabuki has broken the fourth wall, the masks have come off, and the 1% sideboards are visible for all to see.

  8. Gee, Ron, The 2008 enthusiasm and passion was all for Obama. His supporters succeeded in carrying him across the finish line. Then it turned out he wasn’t who they thought he was. I tried to tell them, but I was shouted down.

    So maybe the enthusiastic and passionate folks ought to just shut up and let us thinking folks have our way for a change.

  9. Gee, Carolyn, if you were the donation base for Hillary I might take that seriously. As the insurgent candidate, Sanders is going to vacuum up some anarchists along the way. And the Hillary apologists are going to post up stories like this to change the subject from what happened in Oregon. The closure problem for Clinton is that the Democratic Party is trying to have it both ways on corruption in funding sources. The base of the Party is turning on that issue. It must. Obama was not the progressive to be hoped. It does not follow that we pivot to a neo-liberal corporatist who sat on the Walmart Board.

  10. Gee, Lless, I do donate to Hillary. Once a month in the small amount that i can afford.

    Maybe you should look at the total votes overall, and stop whining about things being unfair to your candidate in specific situations that won’t change the fact that Hillary is winning–in number of votes, in pledged delegates, in all delegates.

    Claiming that sitting on a corporate board is disqualification to run for President is a ridiculous argument.

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