Why Has the 2016 Election Been So Crazy? The Answer is Actually Fairly Obvious

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I’ve followed politics for many years, but I’ve never seen anything like the 2016 presidential primary. Even as much as I love following politics, this election has, at times, pushed that “love” to its limits. To call some of what we’ve seen from both sides a “circus” doesn’t really do it justice, but the battle between…

3 thoughts on “Why Has the 2016 Election Been So Crazy? The Answer is Actually Fairly Obvious

  1. Before he died Timothy Leary said that if you want to change the world “get on the internet.”
    Poor old Allen Clifton, as a gifted writer, is upset that he has to spend some of his day correcting the misinformation floating around in the media.
    As if the writers in the olden days never lied or made stuff up to sell their papers.
    Buyer beware.
    “The press is our ideological weapon. Its duty is to strike down the enemies of the working class, the foes of the working people.”
    Nikita Khrushchev, 1957 in the NYT magazine.
    “Believe 50% of what you hear and nothing of what you read.”

  2. A somewhat valid point, but I think the central issue is only touched on in the final paragraph. I haven’t seen an ‘in-depth’ anything from The New York Times, CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC in forever. All of media (well most all) has become of shit-show of paid placement advertising. Even the thoughtful, well researched pieces are treated as if they’re just another tabloid spread.

  3. Issues? From the vaunted free press, the one totally owned by the 1%ers? And the famous faces have too much invested to do any real investigations. Who wants to lose that $X million salary?

    Recently, there have been some very important leaks about the TPP, but has it been covered in the MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media)? All I’ve heard is either horse race coverage or talking heads staying well within the received (and allowed) wisdom about those terrible treaties.

    Actual coverage of even the issues posited by the nomination hopefuls? Nah, who needs any stinkin’ knowledge?

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