Former Pa. governor says ‘ugly’ women will defeat Trump

Marciene Mattleman

Ed Rendell is such a putz:

PHILADELPHIA — There are more than enough ugly women in America to doom Donald Trump’s campaign for president, at least according to former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell. He made the comment in a Washington Post article Wednesday, as part of his assessment of Trump’s chances of carrying Pennsylvania, which has gone for the Democratic presidential candidate…

5 thoughts on “Former Pa. governor says ‘ugly’ women will defeat Trump

  1. Stupid, old, ex-elected Democrats, and there are lots of them both male and female, should act their age and STFU.
    Rendell adds nothing to the debate because he never thinks before he speaks.
    Times have changed and things are different these days.
    Which is why Hillary is having such a difficult time with voters 45 and younger.
    Who wants Grandma acting like the authority figure?
    Grandma should be patting us on the head and slipping us a few bucks so we can go out and have some fun.

  2. Uh uh whut!? Talk about ‘inexpert’ phrasing.

    But the kicker is rethugs getting all “how dare he . .?” America Rising can go fuck themselves.

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