GOPer slams Trump for banning Muslims instead of guns

FOX NEWS: Rep. Brian Mast opens up about Florida school shooting

Republican Florida state Rep. Brian Mast revealed on Sunday that he had reversed his position on gun control and is calling for an immediate ban of AR-15s, the type of military-style assault rifle that was used to murder 17 at a school in Parkland, Florida.

One thought on “GOPer slams Trump for banning Muslims instead of guns

  1. Last week the Republican dominated Florida legislature voted to NOT bring to the floor a bill calling for banning AR-15’s and other military-style assault weapons.

    Instead they debated and then voted for a bill calling pornography a “public health problem.”
    Mast is a Republican, so guess how he voted on these two issues.

    Every Republican elected official should be voted out of office in November.
    Because none of them can be trusted with our lives.

    Speaking of an untrustworthy person.
    The California Democratic Party decided over the weekend NOT to endorse Dianne Feinstein who is running for her 5th term in the US senate.

    Pro-business, pro-war, neo-liberals are finally being shown the door in favor of Progressive Democrats all over the country.

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