You pay, you play

Morning Joe regulars discuss Trump’s continuing problems with his cabinet officials and appointees.

“Joe, the bad headlines for members of President Trump’s cabinet continue to mount with interim director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Mick Mulvaney, now in the spotlight. Did you hear this? According to the New York Times, he says it out loud,” Willie Geist said.

“Mulvaney, who also runs the White House budget office, told banking industry executives at a conference yesterday that they should press lawmakers hard to pursue their agenda. The Times says he also revealed that as a congressman, he would meet only with lobbyists if they had contributed to his campaign, telling the crowd, quote, this is a quote, ‘If you’re a lobbyist who never gave us money, I didn’t talk to you. If you’re a lobbyist who gave us money, I might talk to you.’

“In response, Mulvaney’s spokesman told the New York Times’ Glen Thrush that remarks to bankers were a general call to citizens to advocate in whatever way they choose, and that Mulvaney’s top priorities as a congressman was listening to constituents, for free, and that the part on lobbyists was meant to underscore that point.

“Joe, sometimes these things are implied, they’re done behind close the doors. But let me read the quote again from Mick Mulvaney: ‘If you’re a lobbyist who never gave us money, I never talked to you. If you’re a lobbyist who gave me money, I might talk to you.'”

Scarborough described the way donors were handled in his congressional office, and then brought Steve Israel into the conversation.

“I totally agree with you, Joe,” Israel said.

“Look, this may have been the one true statement that a Trump appointee has ever made. on this, I think there’s no fake news. he made the statement.”

Israel predicted the clip would be used in this year’s mid-term elections.

2 thoughts on “You pay, you play

  1. Mulvaney is clearly corrupt and a criminal which is why Trump likes him so much and keeps him on.

    Today we have HUD Secretary Ben Carson and his war on the poor.

    Ben wanted a $31,000 dining room table, which his wife picked out, for his Washington office until he got caught. But that was only one of Carson’s many extravagant expenditures and corrupt practices.

    Now Carson wants the poorest Americans to pay more in rent or get tossed out into the street.

    Currently the poor pay 30% of their ‘adjusted income’ in rent.
    Scrooge Mc Carson wants them to pay 35% of their ‘gross income’ going forward. It’s estimated that the average poor citizen will pay an additional $100 per month in rent under Ben’s scenario.
    Scrooge also wants every poor person who is receiving a rent subsidy to work at least 15 hours a week. Where?

    Taking from the poor in higher rents to give to the rich in the form of tax cuts.
    What a great country we live in. (Yeah Capitalism!!!)

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