One thought on “I heart Frank Pallone

  1. Pallone has Progressive instincts.

    But the following Democrats are a disgrace to the Democratic Party.

    Claire McCaskill (MO)
    Bill Nelson (FL)
    Joe Manchin (WV)
    Heidi Heitkamp (ND)
    Joe Donnelly (IN)
    Doug Jones (AL)

    Each of these Democrats is more interested in keeping his or her job then they are about protecting the people.

    The final vote in the Senate was 57 “Yes” and 42 “No” on Pompeo.
    Had these 6 treacherous Democrats voted “No” then the final vote would have been 51 “Yes” and 48 “No” and Pompeo passes

    The Democrats named above are Democrats that can not be trusted on any issue.
    Especially on the issue of war and peace.
    These Democrats are truly rat-bastards.

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