One thought on “How bizarre is this?

  1. Interest groups—-there are a million of them. Some are better funded then others. Bribes all around, please says Mulvaney.

    The Right, Capitalists and Republicans, is a very large and well funded interest group.

    The Right is outraged this very day because the “Senate has become politicized.” Huh?
    That’s in response to the fact that 42 Democrats voted against Mike Pompeo because they felt that he was not qualified to be the next Secretary of State. Where’s the rubber-stamp?

    Wasn’t the Senate established to be a political as well as a legislative body? Along with the House.
    Isn’t the Presidency a politically based institution?
    (Everything is politics and politics is everything.)

    What the Right is actually apoplectic about is that the Democrats appear to be drifting away from protecting the oligarch class and toward protecting the rights of the people instead.

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