2 thoughts on “Would you trust Devin Nunes?

  1. We’re doing our best to get rid of him. I just voted in the primary, and our top-two primary runs the top two vote getters in the general, regardless of party. So since Newsom is favored to win the governor’s race, I voted for Villaraigosa, hoping that he’ll come in second and thus have two Democrats in the general, giving Republican voters less incentive to turn out and vote for Nunes, McCarthy, Rohrabacher and the rest of them.
    And if he wins, well, I can live with that. Newsom is very liberal, but I have never quite trusted him to do more than work his image and enhance his brand. If he wins, which it looks like he might, I just hope that he learned something from being Jerry Brown’s Lt. Governor.
    And I voted for De Leon for senate for exactly the same reason. As much as she pisses me off sometimes, there are actual reasons why Feinstein is leading in the race. If there is no Republican to vote for in the general, the Republican turn out will be lower, and Nunes will have a harder time winning.
    And if Di Fi loses? I can live with that, too.

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