Another Republican bites the dust

Report: Woman says Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens coerced her into sexual encounter

Why are they all such corrupt, craven assholes?

A Rhodes scholar and former Navy SEAL, Greitens was once considered one of the brightest stars in the Republican Party — a rock star who traveled the country campaigning for his fellow GOP governors, all while building his national profile and donor base for an almost inevitable run at the White House.

His political persona was based on a pledge to rid state government of “corrupt career politicians.” But the governor’s mansion was never more than a pit stop for the ambitious 44-year-old who had never even sought public office before his successful 2016 campaign.

His first year in office was dominated by a steady stream of corruption allegations, most stemming from his reliance on anonymous campaign contributions routed through secretive nonprofits.

On the night last January when he delivered his 2018 State of the State address to a joint session of the legislature, the scandal that began his undoing became public. A woman with whom he had an affair in 2015 alleged that he took a nude photo without her consent to use as blackmail to keep her from talking about their relationship.

One thought on “Another Republican bites the dust

  1. Most politicians are demented.
    But Republican politicians are demented and iniquitous.

    Take Evangelical Christian Mike Pompeo for example.
    Pompeo, “Religious freedom deserves to be a front-burner issue.”
    Yesterday the State Department released a report on religious persecution around the world and found that Saudi Arabia continues to “torture, execute and discriminate against its Shiite minority.”

    Trump, like Obama before him, has decided to grant the Kingdom an exemption from the sanctions that their abhorrent conduct calls for.
    Presumably reasoning that you can’t sanction Saudi Arabia for its bad behavior if you don’t sanction the other ‘friends of ours’ the Israelis, for operating an openly apartheid state.

    Stephen Miller’s fingerprints are all over these awful foreign policy decisions.

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