Oh thank God

Dennis Rodman Arrested By Police In Newport Beach

At least one person there will be smarter than Trump:

NBA star turned Kim Jong Un soulmate Dennis Rodman will be in Singapore during President Trump’s summit with the North Korean dictator next week, The Post has learned.

“The Worm” will arrive in the country a day before the June 12 sitdown — and sources said he could even play some sort of role in the negotiations.

“No matter what you might think about his presence. One thing’s for sure the ratings will be huge,” a source said. “A lot of times in situations that involve complex diplomacy countries like to identify ambassadors of goodwill and whether you agree with it or not Dennis Rodman fits the bill.”

The zany, 6-foot-7 ex-baller — who has struck up an unlikely bromance with the pint-sized, 5-foot-7 Kim, and has visited the rogue regime five times in the past — took some of the credit for getting the two leaders together.

One thought on “Oh thank God

  1. I don’t know about Rodman, but Moon of South Korea was the driving force behind this summit.
    Along with the Chinese government who has cut trade–in both directions– with the North by 80% this year.

    If both Moon and Kim agree to come to each others military aid if one or the other of them is attacked, then both the US and China will be the big losers.

    And the world will be the big winners.

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