The patriot

Here’s Trump at his faux patriotism event yesterday. Apparently he doesn’t know all the words to “God Bless America”:

2 thoughts on “The patriot

  1. Fascists love this kind of crap.
    All of the flag waving and genuflecting to the boss.

    When the Fascists (Hitler, Mussolini, Franco) took power in the 30’s, their first order of business was to get the economy back up and running.
    An employed, well fed population is generally pretty docile.

    The big issue for the Republicans this fall will be the economy. Predictable.
    Unfortunately for Trump, the Republican leadership will only allow him to campaign in 5 or 6 states this fall.
    Trump can only campaign in the Old Confederate States of America—–Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Texas and Louisiana. You know, all of the states where the White Nationalist racists live. Also know as the home of the Republican base.

  2. Having just seen a Moscow newspaper with a headline about Ivanka Trump, I just now realized my transltertion of Trump’s nme was not used in Russia, instead of the ‘upsilon’ (Y) for a ‘U’ in his name (which would be correct transliteration but would make his name sound like: Troomp), they transonocate it by using ‘A’ (pronounced ‘ah’), so it reads in direct transliteration: ‘Tramp’. Ivanka Tramp… heh heh

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