Trumps must turn over tax returns to New York grand jury…

Next stop, Supreme Court?

2 thoughts on “Trumps must turn over tax returns to New York grand jury…

  1. Unintended consequences:

    Since the second circuit (and every other court so far) has ruled that, no, the “absolute immunity” your lawyers pulled out of their asses isn’t really a thing and the subpoenas demanding your taxes are valid and lawful, a theme of sorts seems to be emerging:

    The judges have all had all they care to hear about the OLC memos Fergus’ legal team keep claiming support such preposterous attempts to shield Fergus from not just indictment, but investigation as well.

    The judges have made note that 1) OLC is DOJ is executive branch and therefore not binding on their work in the judiciary, 2) indictment does not equal investigation and investigation was just ducky when it was Bill Clinton being investigated, and (unintended consequence) 3) no court has ever affirmed those OLC memos, and we’re starting to think they may be, if I may use a legal term here, horseshit.

    So it will be a bit of delicious irony if Fergus’ desperate attempt at hiding his obvious culpability behind a pair of 45 year old OLC memos results most importantly in those memos being rejected wholesale by the judiciary as it takes his “absolute immunity” and sticks it back in his butt where it came from.

    -Doug in Oakland

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