You need to go big or go home …

Honestly, Sondland said that

In one of the most gripping passages of her testimony, which took place Oct. 11, Marie Yovanovitch said that she remained worried that she would be a target of retaliation by Trump, who referred to her in his July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s president as “bad news” and someone who was “going to go through some things.”
“I was very concerned” upon reading Trump’s words when the rough transcript of the call was released, Yovanovitch testified. “I still am.” Asked whether she felt threatened, she replied, “Yes.”

“You need to go big or go home,” Sondland told Yovanovitch, she recalled in her testimony. “You need to, you know, tweet out there that you support the president and that [claims that she was disloyal] are lies.” Yovanovitch said she felt it was not appropriate for someone in her position to write such a tweet.

Yovanovitch does not deserve this crap.