George Kent transcript …

Pretty damning stuff.

Kent’s testimony sheds new light on instances where Volker appeared to press the Ukrainians to announce investigations if they wanted to secure a White House meeting, as well as Trump’s desire for Zelensky to “say investigations, Biden, Clinton” in announcing an investigation.

One thought on “George Kent transcript …

  1. Trumps a gangster.
    He sounds like a gangster and he acts like a gangster.
    But there are other gangsters lurking out there.

    The other day capitalist, plutocrats Jamie Dimon and Joe Biden attacked Elizabeth Warren for her Medicare For All plan.

    Yesterday Hillary Clinton attacked Warren’s Medicare For All plan as “too disruptive.”
    Later in the day Michael Bloomberg announced that he might, possibly run for the Democratic presidential nomination because Joe Biden’s candidacy was failing.

    Do the Democrats want a brokered convention?

    Bloomberg’s possible candidacy is insulting and laughable.

    But what it indicates is just how desperate and angry the wealthy class has become in the face of a Progressive onslaught of Bernie and Warren and their minions.

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