Stir that base up, Hugh Hewitt …

One of the most astonishing ideas coming from the Right Wing opinionators is to suggest Mitch McConnell use the “Merrick Garland strategy” in the case of a Senate trial of Trump. Just ignore impeachment.

I can only think the purpose of Hewitt and Limbaugh suggesting this is just to keep the base riled up. But there are some problems with this strategy.

Some argue he could simply ignore impeachment, but McConnell himself said Monday that he “would have no choice but to take it up.” He was notably vague on what exactly that would mean, adding that “how long you’re on it is a whole different matter.” But months ago, he said the Senate “immediately goes into a trial” if the House approves articles of impeachment. 
Let’s be absolutely clear, neither the Constitution nor Senate rules give McConnell any wiggle room to try to “Garland” his way out of this critical process of constitutional accountability.

To begin, Article I, Section 3 says, “The Senate shall have the sole power to try all Impeachments.” Every Senate to consider impeachment since the founding has read this critical passage to require them to undergo some sort of process…

Dereliction of duty, however, is not an option. One half of Congress indicting a sitting president for committing treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors, only to meet silence from the other half — no trial, no review of the evidence, no vote — leaves a cloud of illegitimacy hanging not only over the nation’s chief executive, but also over our nation’s founding charter.

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One thought on “Stir that base up, Hugh Hewitt …

  1. All of these capitalist propagandists are too clever by half.

    >Farm bankruptcies were up 24% in September. Farm bankruptcies are now at their highest level since 2011.
    No wonder Trump is talking to the Chinese.

    >True to his word Trump is now stealing Syrian oil and selling it on the open market in order to pay for the thousand US troops guarding the Syrian oil fields that Trump is stealing that oil from.

    >Yesterday in the United Nations, the US was joined by Israel and Brazil in defending the legality of the 60 year long US embargo against Cuba.
    Every other country on the planet voted against the US position.
    In essence our embargo against Cuba was condemned by the entire world.

    The right wing lunatics are clearly running the asylum and the craziest bastard of all is Trump.

    Yet Trumps supporters will all attend church on Sunday and pray for his success and their own destruction.
    It’s cult-like.

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