Yeah, I have better things to do…

Got damn, the gall of these people.
I don’t know, but, it seems these potential jurors in a possible future impeachment trial, just might be implicated in some of Trump’s crimes.

2 thoughts on “Yeah, I have better things to do…

  1. Any veteran who supports Trump lost their ability to think critically on the day they were sworn in. That includes confused Lindsey Graham.

    Trump will certainly be impeached in the House. At that point Moscow Mitch will take center stage in the Senate.

    Senate rules require that each senator to be present when the Senate is in session during the impeachment trial. That’s normally Monday through Saturday beginning at noon. The trial could last for weeks.

    Which means that Bernie, Warren, Harris, Booker and the other senators running for the Democratic nomination will have their campaigns disrupted.

    What good luck for corporatists Biden (Wall Street’s boy) and Buttigieg (whose campaign is being underwritten by Marc Zuckerberg and Facebook).

    Moscow Mitch could drag the trial out through Super Tuesday and beyond if he’s allowed to do so.

    The forces arrayed against Progressives is always lurking in the shadows and by design is difficult to identify.

    To my fellow veterans on this very somber day, please think about where your allegiance lies.

    Are you standing alongside your country in this time of crises or are you with the criminal Trump?

  2. Hilarious liars. Like they’re actually doing anything in the Senate besides sitting on hundreds of bills they don’t want to pass. Joni Ernst too dumb to follow things.

    And we pay these people.

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